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Brussels based company, Caligo is the global solution for all set design requirements. From sketches to construction we take care of everything, including getting the right team together, props and furniture rental.

We focus on artistic rendering, efficient team management, strict budget compliance hand in hand with production companies and clients.



Cinema, TV series, advertising ... whatever your professional field, you will enjoy our custom services, with a particular attention to the requirements of the scenario and the visuals of your project.

Caligo take care also of the Art Department budget follow up for you with a complete transparency.

From the first sketches to the choice of accessories and the construction of sets, our teams of experts will offer you all-in-one solutions to help you make your idea come together.



Leave your project in our hands so we can spice it up and make it truly exceptional. Caligo’s unique creative touch will make your idea come true... only better.

There is no challenge that our teams can’t overcome. They will help you throughout your new venture, from start to finish. Designers, builders, painters, sculptors, stylists, decorators… you will enjoy their enthusiasm, passion and knowledge in the making of your most ambitious projects.

Working with Caligo means you’ll be part of a partnership respectful of our mutual commitments, your budget and the technical issues of your idea. So sit back and relax while we take care of everything!

And to offer you a complete range of services, Caligo can also create permanent sets for meeting and party spaces.



You’ve already launched your project, you’ve got your crew together, but still need some support? Caligo can give you a hand with all administration issues, including a detailed and transparent book-keeping, making life easier for everyone.

Our experience in production and art department coordination goes back several years and we pride ourselves in paying a particular attention to the constraints and peculiarities of each situation, both in Belgium and abroad.

Your company might need some administrative support all year long too… Caligo can also help with solutions that will allow you to focus on what really matters : your business.



Our catalog will be online soon ... In the meantime don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or take a look at our listing.

We can also advise and help you with your selection, taking into account your needs and constraints, with the possibility to carry out researches to find any missing item and finalize your set.


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